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Apk Installer Download For PC Windows 10,8,7 is an APK application management program. APK is the file format used by Android mobile devices. With this software you can install, uninstall, update and manage the applications on your phone or tablet from your computer or from the SD card.

The APK installer for PC is amazing app for the installation of apk files on PC. This is an awesome PC app that makes it possible for users of PCs to install android files on PC. Thanks to the app, it is now possible to install all kinds of apk files on a PC. It is compatible with almost of the PC operating systems including Mac OS and all the recent versions of Windows.

There are numerous reasons that make the app worth installing. First of all, it enables PC users to successfully install android apps on their PCs. If you are in love with android apps, this is the best tool to go for. It is the number one tool for the installation of android apps. What makes the app worth using is the fact that it is compatible with all apk files. Therefore, you can install any apk file of your choice.

It comes with an amazing user interface with a wide range of features. The software is also easy to use and quite robust. It also features a number of attributes that make it unique. Generally, it can transform your computer into an android device. Further, you can also synch functions between your PC and your android devices such as a phone and a tablet.

The software allows you to install a number of apk files in a single sequence. This is the batch install feature that comes with the software and enables you to install multiple apk files directly from your computer.


Not only are you allowed to install multiple apk files directly from your computer, but you are also allowed to do the reverse of the process. You can uninstall multiple apk files from your computer.

The software also allows you to back up a batch of android files to your computer provided your computer has enough memory to store the apk files. Using the software, you can also enjoy the APK Shell Extension feature which allows you to view attributes of the apk file including the icon, package name and label of the app. Further, you can also capture screenshots by means of the editor and also launch an app on your phone from your computer.


Android allows you to install applications from Google Play but also by means of “Sideloading”, in other words, without making use of the storeApk Installer is the perfect tool to install and manage those APK files that you have downloaded from other web pages.

Features Apk Installer For PC Windows 7,8,10 Free Download:

  • Install and uninstall applications.
  • Create backups of the applications installed.
  • Take screenshots.
  • Security scanner on the cloud.

Download Apk Installer for Windows totally free of charge and take full control of the APK applications on your mobile phone or tablet.

Apk Installer is developed by Apk Installer Team.

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