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AVG AntiVirus Download For PC Windows 10,8,7 is an Anti-Virus program that is absolutely free for non-commercial use for the life of the product. Created from the ground up to provide every Windows user brilliant protection during surfing, social networking, and exchanging data with other people using portable USB storage devices. AVG AntiVirus Free 64 bit is a quality Anti-Virus proven by over 200 million users, who have used this software suite and the accompanying cloud services to protect PCs, Macs, mobile phones and tablets against any kind of online threat. It even has integrated anti-theft tools that will enable you to locate your stolen hardware.

AVG Antivirus Free for PC Windows is a powerful anti-virus program to ensure your online safety and security. With a fresh and good looking interface. The powerhouse of anti-virus protects your system from viruses, trojans, worms, root-kits, and a lot of other spyware during surfing online as well as checking email.

AVG Antivirus Free for PC Features

Outstanding Protection from Viruses

An updated anti-virus program automatically to protect your system from continuously developing infected attacks. No doubt, a constant way of providing defense against hackers. Research labs of AVG AntiVirus Free are continually busy in producing web data to save you from hackers’ techniques. Furthermore, in case of having any unknown threat, the program very quickly analyzes it, creates a cure and then pushes it to the users to protect them.

Play games & surf uninterrupted

Search and play your favorite games without any interruption.  A security operator on the background will ensure your gaming and surfing safe and lets you play freely.

Download Safely

AVG 2018 Antivirus Free helps in safe and secure downloading as it monitors the files before downloading. The software also saves your email and keeps the exchanging of files through messaging like MSN and Yahoo. File Shredder option which deletes all of your confidential data that can’t be recovered again.


Safe Searching & Surfing Online

Keep your online surfing and searching safely. The program instantly searches the malicious or infected websites and gives you an alert notification to keep you clear of them.

Secure Online Sharing

Chat and message your friends through Facebook or any other social media app easily as the AVG Free monitors your links and pages to save you from receiving as well as sending of any malicious files to your friends.


A simple dashboard with all accessible functions with real-time security updates is available for you. Automatically scanning of your email from dodgy links and attachments. In addition to the Tune-up option which removes the unwanted files that might be slowing down your operating system? All the protection is free of cost for you, but you have to subscribe to get the program’s webcam protection module and online shopping protection system.

A collection of Scanning

The program offers a collection of the scanning system with six types such as Computer Scan, USB/DVD Scan, Deep Scan, etc for you to select anyone which is best for your system.

Main Features AVG AntiVirus For PC Windows 7,8,10 Free Download:

  • Protection against viruses and Spywares
  • Automatically detect threats
  • Used advanced Artificial Intelligence technology
  • Play games & surf uninterrupted
  • Download Safely
  • Safe Searching & Surfing Online
  • Secure Online Sharing
  • Easy-to-Use
  • A collection of Scanning
  • AVG Antivirus is developed by  AVG Technologies .

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