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Brave Browser Download For PC Windows 10,8,7 is a fast and secure Internet browser with a built-in adblocker which boasts speeds superior to those associated with Chrome and Safari. Boasting excellent privacy features available in versions for personal computers and mobile devices, this bundle represents an excellent option for those who are looking for personalized controls and money-saving benefits.

The primary advantage associated with Brave is its impressive page load times. In fact, these speeds are up to eight times faster on mobile devices and twice as fast on PC-based browsers. This out-of-the box application is therefore one of the fastest browsers currently on the market. However, this is only the beginning.

Brave Browser for PC Features

Chromium Based

Based on the chromium web browser, the work and compatibility of Brave Browser are like that of other chromium-based browsers. This will give an improvement in your privacy while stopping data sharing with others.

Micropayment System

Brave enables you to give to bloggers or web content providers under a micropayment system. As it keeps 15% of revenue for itself, 55% to content publishers, 15% to ad partners, and 15% to the browser’s users. With a new revenue-sharing, it offers quick and safe browsing. A direct pathway for a bright future in the world of the internet.

Block Unsafe Advertisement

It stops the renowned ad game of Malvertising, which installs the malware in your operating system without knowing you.


Forward sites to HTTPS

Brave Browser gives security to your privacy while working with other web sites by adding HTTPS Everywhere. It also stops tracking pixels as well as tracking cookies. With this, Brave gives you a chance to establish your default search engine to Duck Duck Go, in place of Alphabets standard engine.

Fast Browsing

Brave works quickly and blocks all interfering ads as well as trackers, which slow down your works on the web. It has the ability to load news sites in the fastest speed

Safe Browsing

Brave 64-bit successfully protects you from any tracking and Malvertisement of any other 3rd keeps your information safe. It supports your privacy while having ‘’ Private Tabs with Tor*”, with several privacy features. It can block trackers and gives you strong protection. Unlike other loading ad blockers who can’t stop the trackers to attack your profile location.


It has three major features; stops 3rd party cookies; exchange ads into safe, quickly loading ads; make loading very fast. In fact, it makes easy access to the website you want.

Fair Browsing

Specifically, the design of braves enables you to get rides any kind of problem, slow down your speed, use of your bandwidth, and effort to access your privacy.

On the whole, Brave with a clear interface, a fast web browser, easy to use, and you will enjoy its navigation to the web.

Brave Browser For PC Windows 7,8,10 Free Download Features:

  • Blocks tracks and interfering ads
  • Protects from advertisement
  • Privacy safer
  • Blocks tracking cookies as well as tracking pixels
  • Forwards sites to HTTPS
  • A chromium-based browser
  • Presents a micropayment system
  • Browse fast speed
  • First-rate security tools
  • Three major features
  • Brave Browser is developed by Brave Software Inc.

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