GameLoop Download For PC Windows 10,8,7 is an Android game emulator for Windows PC desktops. Its design caters to gamers, with little attention given to other emulation functionalities, and primarily emphasizing flexibility and precision in mouse and keyboard controls. While it works mainly with Tencent’s games, including Call of Duty and PUBG mobile, it features some other much-loved titles.

GameLoop is the best Android emulator that you can use to bring many of the popular mobile games to life straight on your PC screen. What is new however are built-in services for optimizing your network performance, support for easier discovery of online friends for coop and MP play, built-in access for watching live streams on Nimotv and Nonolive services, and GameCenter – a centralized hub for discovering, downloading and playing wide variety of most popular Android games of today (including, CODM, Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Arena of Valor, Clash of Kings, Candy Crush Saga, Rise of Kingdoms, Idle Heroes, 2 and many others).

By installing GameLoop on your home PC or a laptop, you can not only experience android games on your monitor or TV, but you can also reproduce them in in a way that vastly outperforms the capabilities of modern mobile hardware. Advanced PC rendering hardware and almost an unlimited amount of memory can help you achieve rendering performance that is impossible on mobile phones and tablets, and built-in services such as game lobbies and friend management can help you to better organize your online sessions.

Installation and use
The GameLoop emulator comes in a small package that can be installed to your PC in mere seconds by simply following on-screen instructions. Be aware that the emulator does not come with any games that are preinstalled on your system, but thankfully, you can easily find any number of Free games inside the Game Center tab and download them with ease. Upon first booting of the app, GameLoop will immediately recommend you to download and start playing PUBG Mobile, which simplifies things for novices and enables them to set up the emulator for gameplay with just a single mouse click and a bit of waiting time for the game to be automatically downloaded and installed.

The interface of GameLoop is simplified and modernized compared to the older Tencent Gaming Buddy app. The main screen of the app features four main tabs on the left (Login, My Games, Game Center, and Live), with few tools dispersed on the edges, such as access to friend list, search field, preferences and more.

Boost your gaming

Emulators allow systems to act like other systems. In the case of GameLoop emulator you turn your PC into a game host for titles usually played on smartphones and consoles.

That way, you may access games you wouldn’t usually be able to, and you get a better gameplay experience with a more considerable display, mouse, and keyboard.

GameLoop is an updated version of Tencent’s previous GameBuddy. GameBuddy was their legitimate, official Android emulator, aiming to facilitate playing the games by this developer.

As Tencent tends to create multiplayer games that benefit from precise control, this upgrade further eases the experience. GameLoop is their new official emulator.

Some of the most popular mobile games in existence, including Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile, are readily available through the GameLoop emulator.


How GameLoop works

When it comes to requirements, to install GameLoop you’ll need at least 4GB of RAM, a minimum hard disk space of 1.5GB, and Intel or AMD processor of i5 or higher.

GameLoop for Windows requires OS versions 7 and above. Unfortunately, you won’t find this program for Mac.

If you meet these conditions, installation is a piece of cake. Download the APK and the wizard will take you through the process in a matter of minutes.

Once you launch the emulator, you’ll also need to manually install the games to use it. When you do, it also enables you to tweak your graphical settings.

GameLoop and all its features come in three languages – English, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Once your first window opens, you may change between them. You may also switch between three screen resolutions – 1024×576, 1280×720, and 1366×768.

GameLoop features

Although somewhat specialized for Tencent games, GameLoop is an excellent overall Android gaming emulator. Besides being the official application for emulating PUBG Mobile, it shows broad compatibility with some of the most popular Android game titles.

It also allows you to optimize controls and networking for a smoother fame experience. You may tweak controls to your liking and enjoy your gameplay.

While you’re using your keyboard and mouse to play games, GameLoop will use the default gaming settings. If you wish to change them, all you need to do is visit the settings box and tweak the controls.

The interface comes with an integrated game browser. So, you can download and install games from their library with one click.

The network is optimized and uses the capabilities of your PC to ensure lag-free gaming. With the updated version of their emulator, Tencent also included the feature called ‘Network Acceleration’ to improve your playing of high-ping games.

Games and game quality

In GameLoop, there’s a window under the name of ‘GameCenter.’ From there, you may download and run various games. Some titles include PUBG Mobile, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Candy Crush Saga, and more. GameLoop for Call of Duty is especially popular.

Some of the default Tencent games will come pre-installed with the emulator. In this case, you may reinstall them to optimize frames per second (FPS) when playing.

In general, the graphics level will vary depending on the configuration of your computer – the higher its capabilities, the better the graphics will be. If your PC is medium to high-end, you should have no problem running your titles on HD graphics.

On the other hand, if you’re playing from a low-profile PC or a laptop with integrated graphics, there are ‘Smooth’ and ‘Balanced’ settings for you to choose to increase the stability, albeit at the cost of the looks.

The social aspect

Another great thing about this emulator is its social aspect. As Tencent games tend to be multiplayer, they integrated user discovery support and built-in friend lists to their interface.

If your friends aren’t active on the platform, you can join the official lobby and from there a room where you’ll get matched with teammates to join a game. The lobby and rooms also allow you to send text and voice messages.

Tencent cooperates with Nimo TV to enable you to watch live streams of different famous and obscure gamers. It requires no browser because all streaming happens in-emulator.

Bugs and alternatives

When it comes to drawbacks, GameLoop is lacking in terms of overall emulation, but among the best for gaming. Sometimes, there are errors in the installation, issues related to audios, or lags in games. However, these issues aren’t as common as to stop you from using it.

For now, not a massive range of games are available in the Game Center, too. A filter for dividing content by genre or system is also lacking.

If you’re looking for alternatives, BlueStacks is a renowned Android emulator. It is much more comprehensive and would be best if you’re planning to use it for more than gaming.

Moreover, Android-x86 is an open-source project which works on Linux as well. Nox App Player is an emulator focused on Android games for PC, although it’s packed with bundleware. Finally, MEmu is a new launch that looks quite promising.

A specialized emulator

Tencent’s idea to create a dedicated Android emulator turned out quite well, resulting in a capable program able to run mobile games on PC with ease. While it won’t do much for those who aren’t big fans of Tencent’s titles, those who are can benefit significantly from it.

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