GOM Player Desktop



GOM player Download For PC Windows 10,8,7 is a safe, free multimedia player that offers a lot more than just playing movies and music. You can also play damaged files or those that are being downloaded. It comes with a YouTube tab that lets you search and play videos right from the app. Playback comes in many modes and configurations that let you view or listen to your media in different ways.

GOM Player for PC is a free alternative desktop multimedia tool. The program offers support for a vast range of file types, customizable skins, a library of subtitles, and 360 degree VR video.

GOM Player does so much more than your typical media software. The simple interface disguises numerous features, including codecs search, YouTube player, and subtitles. One thing it doesn’t do is manage your files well. This app is more of a browser than anything it aspires to be. Most of your activities will revolve around watching YouTube videos, which you have already been doing before downloading it.

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