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Instagram for PC Windows 10 no doubts a wonderful release in 2016 for the users who want to change thumb swiping into mouse scrolling. View Instagram Stories, like pictures, leave comments, and much more through the strongest platform of Windows. This photographic social network enables you to edit your own photos and videos, filter them, and add multiple effects, upload them, and get impressive likes from your followers.

Instagram forPC is a social network focused on photography and other images. You can connect with people all across the world and see everything they share. It’s an excellent place for anyone who wants to gain a social media following while showing off their travels or skills. The service has a direct message function, stories section, and a few filters to add to your pictures.

 Instagram for windows 10 is a prime choice for anyone who prefers to scroll through their feed without seeing too much text or other distractions. The social media service is free to use but will show advertisements on your feed from time to time.

You can link your IG account with Facebook to get notified of friends that also use the Gram. One feature similar to Facebook’s is the story tab, which sits near the top of your feed and displays stories from everyone you follow. The feed is also intuitive and can keep you scrolling for long periods as well.

The service can be accessed from almost any device and your web browser, all of which are light on system resources but can leave your notification section overflowing. The audience for IG is larger than Flickr’s thanks to all the supported platforms and addictive feed.

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