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Skype Download For PC Windows 10,8,7 is a communication tool that connects people from around the world through voice and video calls as well as instant messaging. It also allows users to send files. It’s compatible with any file type and can handle up to 300MB at a time. There are purchasable options that enable the Skype application to call landlines and mobile phone numbers in place of your traditional service provider.

Stay in touch with anyone

Skype is a popular choice for anyone wanting to connect with others, whether it’s for business use or a family member that’s far away. The service can cut down the cost you’d spend on normal phone calls and messaging if both parties have the application and have signed up.

Microsoft took over Skype back in 2011 and has turned the service into a popular mode of communication. To use Skype, you’ll need to sign up or use your existing Microsoft account. If you use the existing account, certain features will be synced onto your Skype profile.

The application will use a fair amount of your computer’s resources while running, making it less ideal than Discord or Teamspeak for any gamers or low-end computer users. Skype is available across devices and finding a user to add to contacts is mostly an easy task.

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