Virtual DJ Desktop



Virtual DJ Download For PC Windows 10,8,7 is virtual mixer software for DJs. It features a new layout with variable modes to suit the needs and preferences of the DJ, and packs the reliable workhorse capabilities of a DAW. Virtual DJ places more focus on professionally live streaming music with or without the use of a controller. The default version can be downloaded for free on either Mac or PC.

Main features Virtual DJ For PC Windows 7,8,10 Free Download:

  • Capacity to mix audio and video.
  • Locate up to 3 CUE points per track.
  • Supports up to 99 decks.
  • Record music sessions.
  • Create playlists.
  • Sandbox or safe area for mixes.
  • Create loops of variable length.
  • Playback and pitch control.
  • Integrated mixer with equalizer and gain control.
  • Master tempo, auto-mix and BPM detection functions.
  • Sample triggering with 14 audio effects, 12 video effects, and almost 20 different transitions.

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