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Zoom Meetings Download For PC Windows 10,8,7 (also known as Zoom Meetings & Chat) is an enterprise-grade video conferencing and real-time messaging application built from the ground up to fulfill the needs of modern teams that collaborate on both small and large projects using every tool available in today’s computing. Featuring straightforward usability, compatibility with all modern internet-connected communication devices, and comprehensive video collaboration features, It enables teams of all sizes to set up their communication network, collaborate in real-time, schedule training, and perform all-hands meetings inside a simple and highly secure platform.

Zoom Meeting is a social and communication application that offers video-calling and instant messaging for large groups of people. The IM and VoIP software was developed by Zoom Video Communications for students, corporate employees, and entrepreneurs to hold video conferences. Each conference can gather over 50 users—of which 49 of them will be simultaneously displayed on your screen.

Is Zoom a VoIP?

Zoom has a straightforward interface that any user can understand. Whether you need to meet colleagues or connect with loved ones, Zoom allows you to hear and see them in their high-quality VoIP service. The Zoom desktop application opens up with its user panel, giving you access to five tabs: Home, Chat, Phone, Meetings, and Contacts.

By default, the user panel displays the Home tab. This is because it contains the essential features for video conferencing, namely: New Meeting, Join, Schedule, and Share Screen. Both the New Meeting and the Schedule button allow you to host meetings. All your Scheduled meetings are listed down in the Meetings tab. Once you’ve entered a meeting, a new window will appear.

The meeting controls will be displayed at the bottom of the window, while the video feed from other callers will be displayed at the top. The center of the window is dedicated to the user that Zoom detects is talking or is making the most sound. This helps everyone in the group to focus on this person.


Can Zoom make phone calls?

Loud background noises can be toned down by clicking the Mute button in the meeting control bar. These features are different from the ones in the Phone Tab. Instead of VoIP, Zoom Phone allows you to call another user using Zoom’s caller ID. It also allows you to leave voice messages and view your Zoom account’s call history. You can save caller IDs in the Contacts tab.

It is organized in alphabetical order by default. To access your most important contacts, tag them as either Starred or Auto Answer. Note that calls made by an Auto Answer contact will be immediately answered by Zoom. You can use Zoom as your all-in-one office and productivity tool. In addition to VoIP capability, it allows you to share your screen.

You can also send files to people on your contact list. While you can use the chat feature to send files to your colleagues, you can also present these through the Screen Share feature. For example, you have a keynote presentation. You can open the presentation on your desktop and click the Screen Share button. This allows the participants of the call to see the file while listening to you present.

VoIP tool for professional and personal use

While it’s geared towards businesses and professionals, Zoom is a good app to try with friends and family if you’re the type to heavily use video-calling. It’s a suitable application for all users that need to coordinate or connect with a large number of users. Thanks to its video conferencing and collaboration features, you can continue the progress of several group-based activities such as class projects, webinars, and business meetings.

Zoom for PC capabilities are much more robust and powerful than any freeware communication platform that you can find on the market today. To meet the needs of modern businesses and large multi-national operations, this app brings the support to live video and audio meetings that host over 1000 individual video chat users, with the ability to show 49 live videos on the screen. And that’s just the start. The platform (compatible with all desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet platforms) also boasts full support recording and transcribing meetings, integrated file sharing, built-in calendar (compatible with Outlook, Gmail and iCal), searchable history (with up to 10 years of recorded data), built-in collaboration tools, full end-to-end encryption and advanced user-privilege tools, and many advanced features that promote better communication (polling, Q&A, virtual hand raising, engagement tracking, powerful analytics).

No matter if you are a small team with dozens of members, or a large company with hundreds of dispersed teams, Zoom Meetings has the capability to unite you into one collaborative group.

Zoom Meetings is available for FREE for groups with up to 100 participants, with greatly expanded support for teams who purchase premium licenses in Pro, Business and Enterprise tiers.

Zoom meeting is developed by Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

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