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Civilization: Reign of Power Beginner’s Guide and Tips

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Civilization: Reign of Power by Nexon is a strategy game about establishing civilizations. Moreover, this game is based on Sid Meier’s Civilization 5. Furthermore, players are eager to play the game as it is the first mobile civilization game where everyone can experience all sorts of fascinating things. In this article, we’ll review the Civilization: Reign of Power beginner’s guide.

Grow your civilization, select great historical leaders, summon great people to help you build a better civilization, and many other options are available in the game. Without further ado, let’s start with the guide. You can download the game from Google Play.

Civilization: Reign of Power Beginner’s Guide

Before you build a civilization, you must select a leader for the civilization, and the civilization will change depending on which leader you select. As a result, when you start playing the game, you should have a better understanding of the leaders and their civilizations to choose the best one. We’ve listed the leaders below.


Gandhi – Gandhi is recognized as the famous leader of India, and if you choose Gandhi, your civilization will be similar to ancient India, which has a history of about 10,000 years.

Civilization: Reign of power the game

Caesar Augustus – you already know where this famous leader comes from, and of course it is Rome. Despite the fact that ancient Rome was full of wars, now you can develop a great and peaceful society that will reach your Rome people more.

alexander – he was the monarch of Greece, one of the most powerful countries in ancient times. Greece is known for its philosophies, art and cultures, among other things.

Oda Nobunaga – Choosing this leader will create an attractive Japanese civilization with many unique features.

Ramses II – he was the monarch or great pharaoh of Egypt, who gave the world science, technology, writing and many other marvels, including unfathomable architecture.

Suleiman – he was the monarch of the Ottoman Empire, which was extremely wealthy. Even the Ottoman Empire started small, but later dominated many countries.

Government of power

King Sejong – The name of the leader indicates the country over which he has ruled. Korea is ruled by King Sejong.

Wu Zetian – He was the first empress of China, one of the most famous and ancient civilizations with numerous historical myths and beliefs.

Harun al-Rashid – he was a historical leader of Arabia. You all know that Arabia is a prosperous kingdom with many cultural differences from other kingdoms

Great works

Great works are masterpieces created by the best artists of antiquity. This game allows you to have beautiful masterpieces created by amazing artistic hands, which you can then keep in your in-game museum to increase the value of the civilization. However, these wonderful works are not something you get just like that, which means that you have to participate in mini-games here, such as solving puzzles, and after winning the mini-games, you will receive plenty of great works.



There are three seasons to choose from: Domination, Science, and Culture. So in this Nexon’s Civilization: Reign of Power beginner’s guide, we learn what you need to do in these seasons to win.

Domination season – When you reach civilization this season, you should research and obtain the thirteen wonders of the world. But first you need to strengthen your forces before you start conquering the wonders of the world one by one. If you can collect all the wonders of the world described in the game, you will win this Domination season.

Science season – During this season, you should start changing your civilization by introducing new technology and getting more awesome achievements. To win this season, you must build your civilization, complete with technology and infrastructure for launching starships. You’ve conquered this science season once you can launch starships.

Culture season – During this season, you must explore natural wonders and create outstanding works of art to advance the cultural attributes of your civilization.

This concludes the Civilization: Reign of Power Beginner’s Guide. You can improve civilization by developing it in every possible way. We hope this article was helpful to you. You also have to check out Game Of Titans guide for beginners to get started.


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