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Crazy Hospital: Doctor Dash Beginner’s Guide Tips and Tricks

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I’m back with another guide to the hospital time management game. If you have played happy clinic before, you will definitely love it Crazy Hospital: Doctor Dash and in this game you get to design, build and manage your own medical center. It is your sole responsibility to treat patients and relieve them of their suffering. There are also stories and memories available in the game that you can unlock as you play so it doesn’t get boring.

Kids and young adults will no doubt love the game. Apart from that, even the animation and sound are top notch, so you should give it a try if you are a fan of time management games. Enough talk about Crazy Hospital: Doctor Dash. Let’s start with the tips.

Tip #1 – Keep doing the work in Crazy Hospital: Doctor Dash

In this time management game, as you level up, you will realize that you have to don’t keep quiet not at all. You have to keep your character moving and keep your nurse doing all the work. Also call the doctors on time for timely treatments. If you forget or even stop for a few seconds you will lose patients in higher levels and there are some levels where if you lose even one patient you will automatically lose the game. So be careful!

Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash tips and tricks

Tip #2 – Queue your tasks in Crazy Hospital: Doctor Dash

You do not have to wait to click after the nurse has finished her job, you can queue all the tasks you want your nurse to do. For example, suppose she needs to take 2 medicines to the doctor and then bring water to another patient, then you can just number the task. When she completes one task, she will do the rest of the tasks automatically. This way you will save a lot of time and you can complete the level quickly and also earn lucky points.

Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash Beginner's Guide

Tip #3 – Upgrade staff, devices, revenue and patience at the same time

I highly recommend that you keep upgrading the staff, devices, income, and patience at the same time as you level up. You will need anything and everything to work faster and take less time as patients will continue to increase and their patience will decrease. You will also see that there are highly recommended upgrades also available. You can upgrade the recommended upgrades, but be sure to upgrade your nurse and staff more so that you can boost your gameplay.

Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash Tips

Other miscellaneous tips

  • Collect Daily Rewards
  • Unlock new devices
  • Decorate your hospital
  • Unlock new chapters
  • Watch ads for free rewards
Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash guide wiki

Crazy Hospital: Doctor Dash is available on Google Play and App Store. If you haven’t played happy clinic, you should play happy clinic once then you will understand the difference between both games. Both games are really good and well designed. So let me know through the comment section which one you liked more.

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