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Nvidia’s Recent 526.47 Driver Causes a Headache for Modern Warfare 2 Players

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What just happened? The official launch of Modern Warfare 2 has already faced many PC users with crashes and in-game bugs. A tweet from the main studio of the PC version, Beenox, identifies Nvidia’s most recent driver package as the cause of some of these errors. The tweet recommends that users adhere to Nvidia driver versions 516.59 or 522.25.

Nvidia’s latest Game Ready Driver package claims to provide the best possible gaming experience for all major new releases. The package release notes also state that the release has been certified by Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL), which is usually a sign that a driver package has successfully passed Microsoft’s software testing suite and is ready for widespread release. Despite the claim and certification, the latest driver package seems to be causing several Modern Warfare 2 PC issues.

Some issues, such as in-game parties causing matches to freeze, have already been resolved recognized and are being researched by Infinity Ward’s development teams. Beenox’s tweet supports several other Reddit posts and reports of instability and crashing since the game’s launch. Nvidia later confirmed the issue in an email to PC Gamer, stating, “yes, a bug has been filed for this game and we’re working on a hotfix.”

Nvidia’s email appears to contradict their default driver release language, which claims “the best gaming experience possible for” all major new releases.” The email said that this behavior “…is exactly why our latest Game Ready Driver was not promoted or recommended for this title in the first place.” However, most would argue that the latest addition to the Modern Warfare lineup, without a doubt, qualifies as a major new release.

Nvidia is currently working on a solution to fix the identified bug. It has no additional information or timeline on when it will be ready. However, Team Green is usually pretty fast when it comes to these things and should be releasing an updated pack soon.

Until a fix is ​​released, users with the latest driver and who want to play Modern Warfare 2 should follow Beenox’s guidelines and revert to Game Ready Driver version 516.59 or version 522.25. Nvidia also provides detailed rollback and uninstall instructions for users who need the solution on their product information page.


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