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Prison Architect leads the way in the new Future Tech Pack mini-expansion

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Prison Architect moves with the times, swapping the science of yesterday for the science of today and beyond in the recently released mini-expansion Future Tech Pack.

Future Tech is the ninth content update for Prison Architect and will allow players to update their prisons with high-tech features and more advanced security.

The big additions include keycard-activated doors, controllable searchlights and even two robot guard dogs, but players can also make use of glass walls, electrified fences and a tracking belt – allowing them to track inmates through the tracking menu, monitors and routers.

Prison Architect: Future Tech Pack – Reveal Trailer.

There’s also a selection of new decor items, including hexagonal and triangular tiles, plus updated prisoner and guard uniforms, both with a more futuristic aesthetic.

Prison Architect’s Future Tech Pack is available now on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, where it costs £2.09/2.99 EUR/$2.99 ​​USD. It comes alongside the free The Slam update and adds Visitor Only zones, more staff break categories, and other quality of life improvements, among other things.


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