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Queen’s Crown Beginner’s Guide to Becoming the Next Queen

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Queen’s Crown Game Guide: If you like other or dating sim games then this one is something new for you to try. This game is similar to the other other games but the difference is in the graphics style. In this game you are a princess, who turns into a prisoner by an unfortunate fate, but there is a twist! You have to play the game to know more. Your task is to regain glory and position in the royal family. You meet charming confidants and start your unique romantic stories with them. There are several handsome characters to choose from. You can also choose to become a godmother to children you have received as gifts. In addition to experiencing an intriguing adventure full of romance and mystery. You also get to give your princess a makeover and perform daily royal tasks. I’m done with the introduction, let’s start with the guide:

Tip #1 – Complete the stories to earn EXP

You need a lot of experience to upgrade your character and this is also the only way to climb higher ranks. If you want to get started or finish the game very quickly, focus on playing the stories. It’s up to you whether you want to read stories or not. I recommend that you read the story. If you keep skipping the parts, you won’t remember what happened and you’ll find the game boring. The more XP you earn the faster you can upgrade your character and your rank will also increase as your ranks increase then you will get more outfits and you will also get more royal duties daily.

Tips for the queen's crown

Tip #2 – Save your dates and bond points for your favorite confidant

Don’t rush the dates because then you won’t be able to spend bond points and go on dates with other confidants. Once you have decided which confidant you want to have a romantic fantasy with, spend only you binding points and dates on them, make rendezvous and give them gifts for more intimacy. This way you can follow a certain storyline with that confidential adviser. The game will try to fix you up with the first confidant you meet, which is Robert, but you can avoid this by not taking much action against him.

Tips for the queen's crown

Tip #3 – Upgrade your alliances in Queen’s Crown

You will encounter different alliances as you progress through the story. Be sure to upgrade them and spend potions on them to help you through the stories and battles to come. Aside from this, your alliances will also help you manage the tavern, orphanage, etc. From these places you can collect scrolls and other such rewards.

Tips for the queen's crown

Tip #4 – Play Outfit Stories and open boxes in Royal Wardrobe 10x

If you want to get more gifts and rewards and progress with your Confidant, make sure to play the outfit stories. In the outfits stories, you get certain tags that you styled your princess around. You can always use the search button to find the dresses that match the tags. You must meet the minimum requirements to play the outfit story. Now the tip I want to share is that you don’t spend diamonds carelessly. Save 2000 diamonds and open gift boxes from the royal wardrobe. This way you will get a lot of outfits and accessories that will increase your authority level. (Authority should be your top priority if you want to progress faster)

Tips for the queen's crown

Tip #5 – Make sure you go through the following places in Queen’s Crown at least once a day

The places are unlocked as you progress through the game, you don’t have to go through them every time, but once or twice a day is enough, you have to visit these places to unlock perks and collect rewards.

  • Hall of Fame: Players ranked first in the ranking events are listed here
  • Rankings: Top 100 players in each ranking are displayed here
  • The tower of London: Here you can punish the criminals
  • Alliance: Join alliances created by players from around the world
  • Tower Wharf: Only available between 06:00 and 18:00, get rewards for defeating enemies
  • Library: Write here to get rewards
  • Parliament debate: Play league debates
  • Royal Wardrobe: Get new outfits here
  • Celebrations: Register your strongest confidant to compete with other confidants
  • Banquet: Hold or attend banquets here
  • Suburbs– Travel, gossip, farm, royal forest, hunting (important), etc.
Tips for the queen's crown

Other miscellaneous tips

  • Collect rewards by completing daily tasks and missions
  • Join Events to get more rewards
  • Played slots daily
  • Train your godchildren
  • Unlock quick punishment after beating 4 enemies
  • Try to increase your rank by completing more tasks, completing the stories and buying new outfits
  • regards top rankers for diamonds
  • To manage shop, tavern and orphanage from time to time

Queen’s Crown is available on Google Play and App Store. That’s all the tips and tricks I think you need to get started with this game. There are many things you can discover. If you find something interesting to share about the game, feel free to use the comment section below. Check out another trending otome game: Paradise Island Otome game.


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