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Roguelike strategy RPG Neural Cloud now available

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Sunborn Network Technology Co., Ltd is pleased to announce that the next installment of the Frontline for girls series, Neural Cloud is now available worldwide for players on iOS and Android. Since the opening of pre-registration, the roguelike strategy RPG has signed up more than 2.2 million players from around the world.

In Neural cloud, players will take on the role of the professor in charge of venturing into the Neural Sector, a massive virtual world that contains Dolls’ missing neural data. After a devastating accident, the neural sector has become severely damaged and unstable. As the Professor, players will hunt for puppets and create their chosen team of exiles as they explore the Neural Sector and attempt to create a new oasis home.

With non-linear gameplay and randomized stages, Neural cloud will challenge players to use their strategic and tactical skills if they want to succeed in battle. During battle, players can collect function cards, which serve as stackable buffs for their lineup, allowing players to increase their dolls’ combat power.

With battle lineups that can be freely customized, players can experiment with their team’s synergy to find the most effective lineup for battle. During each battle, players can unleash their Dolls’ ultimate abilities.

When not in battle, players can upgrade the appearance of their Dolls with a wide variety of special effects, and decorate their individual dormitories.

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