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‘The Case of the Golden Idol’ Requires Solid Deductions to Solve

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The case of the golden idol is a complicated mystery game that spans twelve murders and forty years, where you have to fill in all the gaps about what happened.

This game has little interest in guiding you through your research, and I mean that in a positive light. You get to see a series of murders over a long span of time, and you have to know all about it. Sure, you have a body and possibly a murder weapon in front of you, but who is the corpse? Are you sure that’s the tool that killed them? You’ll have to dig into documents, things people have said, and anything you can find around you to lead you to the bits of information you need to find out who died, who killed them, and why.

The Case of the Golden Idol - a list of suspects and crimes, with blank spaces where the player can fill in details of crimes such as locations and people

This is completed by filling in information in blanks, as in the screenshot above. As you find names, weapons, and possible motives, you can shuffle them through the blanks as you search for your answer. While this doesn’t sound very complicated, your answers aren’t always available in the murder scene you’re currently watching. You may need to go through the murders to find more information that will clarify something that happened in the past. A lot of stuff like this won’t even make sense until you’ve seen the whole killing spree and can look at the big picture. I’m not surprised this impressed the creator of Obra Dinbecause it’s one of the extremely few games I’ve played since that captured that sense of real deduction.

The case of the golden idol is the kind of mystery game that plays in your head even when the game is over as you ponder every possibility. The kind of thing that makes you shoot out of bed at night because you finally connected a vital event or person. It’s endlessly captivating to pull on its mysteries and figure out the answers… if you can manage to think your way through them.

The Case of the Golden Idol is now available on GOG and Steam.


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