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‘Uso’ needs you to build a case to clear your name

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like this is an eye-catching murder mystery game where you try to find out who set your bedroom on fire before you get the blame.

You must find out who saw what and who knows the truth by talking to the other villagers in town. These people all have different stories and points of view and react to everything you say. The main problem is that a child died in the fire and the blame is placed entirely on you. You don’t really want to be locked up for this, so you have to talk to other people, choose the right reactions and dialogue options to find out who is actually responsible for this horrible act.


like this has a beautiful art style, with 2.5D paper-like models walking around a dark and mysterious city. I ended up not having a solid case when I played the game on EGX this year, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere and dialogue in the game. It’s a short game, where you can talk to people as much as you want before going to the guard and letting them know who did it. You will then see your result and if you actually solved the case or if they don’t feel you have enough evidence to actually have solved anything. This adds some interesting intensity and pressure to forming your case, as it can be difficult to make sure you have all your details correct.

like this was created by a group of students, who have done a very good job of creating a visually interesting and captivating game. It is an intriguing game that will test your detective skills. Hopefully they’re decent and you don’t get locked up for the fire.

The first two chapters of Uso are now available on itch.io.


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